Admission is going on from Class 1 to 8.

Gurukulam Mission

The mission of Gurukulam is not only to discharge information but also to educate the disciples in such a way that they could face the challenges of life by unhurting the Human Values.

'Gurukulam' aims at the integral personal formation of the young to accomplish following objectives.:
  • Help students to become matured spiritually oriented men/women.
  • Encourage them continuously to strive after excellence in every field.
  • To evaluate the just use of their freedom.
  • To be clear and firm on principle and courageous in action.

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GRADE PREP. - II6: 45 A.M.11: 30 A.M.
GRADE III - XII6: 45 A.M.1 : 45 P.M.
OFFICE TIMING : 9 : 00 A.M. TO 1 : 00 P.M
Note : No School Business Transacted during Sundays or Public Holidays